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Dealing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is the stuff of nightmares. But for many people, it becomes a reality. If you receive that dreaded letter indicating that the IRS is currently investigating you for tax evasion or tax fraud, get a Los Angeles white collar crime lawyer right away. A tax fraud charge is extremely serious and usually conducted at the federal level, which means there are tremendous resources at the disposal of those investigators.

Do not take any further action without first discussing your situation with a lawyer. Even something as seemingly harmless as filing an amended return can be used against you in federal court to prove wrongdoing. Protect yourself and call Werksman Jackson & Quinn LLP at (213) 688-0460 right now to learn about your options.

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What Is Tax Fraud?

A tax fraud charge is an accusation that a defendant has knowingly failed to disclose information about income or otherwise avoided paying taxes that are due. This can include things like intentionally underreporting income, providing false or incomplete income records, failing to file a tax return, and refusing to cooperate with tax authorities. While tax fraud charges can be filed at a local or state level, most involve the IRS and federal charges.

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Defenses Against a Tax Fraud Charge

While the federal tax code is notoriously complex, at its heart it was not written to entrap people who make mistakes. In the majority of laws involving tax fraud and evasion, the language clearly indicates that someone must "willfully" act in a way to avoid making a required payment or to provide false information. In other words: there must be intent to commit fraud.

Some possible defenses against a tax fraud charge include:

  • Negligence – One of the simplest defenses to use against a tax fraud charge is to demonstrate you did not know about the tax laws and requirements. This can be difficult to do if you have been accused of evasion or fraud before, but it relies on the fact that there was no willful effort to defraud the IRS.
  • Mistake – Similarly, you can fight against the idea of willfulness by demonstrating that you made a mistake, rather than committed intentional fraud. If it can be shown that the taxpayer acted in good faith and believed he or she was doing the right thing, then it cannot be fraud.
  • Reliance on others – You can show you were acting on information provided by a professional accountant or tax attorney. If the information provided to you was in error, then it can be shown there was no fraud, since you acted in good faith, believing the information was correct.
  • IRS error – Although difficult to prove, in some cases it can be shown that the IRS is actually the one in error. A mistake on their end can demonstrate that no fraud was committed, that the defendant paid all necessary taxes and reported information correctly.

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Do Not Respond to Phone Calls

This is very important: the IRS will contact you about an investigation or other issue with your taxes through a letter in the mail. There have been an increasing number of scammers who contact people over the phone about an IRS action in order to get private information or steal money. If you receive a phone call about a supposed issue with the IRS, then it is a scam and not official correspondence from the IRS.

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The moment you learn you are under investigation by the IRS, you need an experienced defense attorney to fight for your rights. Before you do anything else, call Werksman Jackson & Quinn LLP at (213) 688-0460 to make sure you are taking the right steps.

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