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Defending Those Charged With Conspiracy

If you have been charged with conspiracy, then you are probably feeling incredibly frightened over what your future will hold. After all, conspiracy sounds like a charge for criminal masterminds, not for someone with a good home, loving family, and steady job. Such a charge could easily bring your entire world and your reputation crumbling to the ground. We understand your fear.

That is why working with the best criminal defense team available is so important. Not just any attorney will be able to properly defend you from a conspiracy charge. At Werksman Jackson & Quinn LLP, our Los Angeles conspiracy defense lawyers have a wealth of knowledge and experience that we are happy to place at your disposal. Even better, we have the drive to go head to head with the prosecution and not back down. If you are facing a conspiracy charge, then you need the best. Call our firm at (213) 688-0460 for a strong legal defense.

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California Law and Conspiracy Charges

The term conspiracy refers to when a group of two or more people comes together to plan and then pull off a crime. Simply discussing the crime in a group is not enough to result in a conviction, however. A conspiracy charge has several key factors that must be met in order for the crime to truly be valid. Without these key factors, then a charge will not really hold water. In fact, you could base a defense on one or more of these factors being missing. In order for conspiracy to be a viable charge, there must be:

An agreement: Two or more co-conspirators must form an agreement amongst themselves for the situation to be a true conspiracy. This agreement does not have to be completely spelled out. Instead, it can be implicit. For example, just a meeting between the conspirators to discuss the crime could be enough to be considered an agreement.

An intent: As with most other crimes, the intent to actually carry out the act is key during a prosecution. If you joke with some friends about robbing the local bank, but do not intend to actually follow through with the joke, then that does not count as a conspiracy. On top of that, if you happen to be friends with people who are in a conspiracy to commit a crime but are not aware of nor participating in the conspiracy, then you are legally not participating in criminal behavior.

An overt act: At least one co-conspirator must take a clear, concrete step towards committing the proposed crime. For example, if the crime requires a get-away vehicle, a concrete step could involve renting the car. This means, again, that simply joking or discussing a possible crime with friends is not enough to land you in jail. If no action is ever taken, then there was no conspiracy.

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What Are the Penalties for Conspiracy?

The penalties you may face for a conspiracy crime will depend on what crime you were allegedly planning on committing. If you were planning to grab a few shirts from a local clothing store in order to commit petty theft, then you would be facing a lesser penalty than if you were planning on committing rape. Knowing what your prison sentence and fines will be will depend entirely on what crime you allegedly planned on committing and whether or not it is a misdemeanor or felony. A felony case will result in a longer prison sentence and hefty fines. However, a misdemeanor offense will likely result in a lighter sentence at a county jail and a smaller fine. You may even be granted probation instead of jail if the offense is considered light enough.

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Defending Against a Los Angeles Conspiracy Arrest

Knowing how to defend against a charge of conspiracy will require an in-depth look at your case. The details around your arrest, the alleged crime, and your relationship with the supposed co-conspirators will determine how your criminal defense attorney decides to move forward with your case. A good attorney will know exactly how to tackle the prosecution’s claims and what avenue will get you the best possible outcome. Some common defenses for a charge of conspiracy include:

  • There was no agreement to commit a crime
  • There was no true intent to commit a crime
  • There was no overt act or step taken to further the crime
  • You withdrew from the conspiracy before any crime was committed
  • You associated with the co-conspirators but were not a part of the actual conspiracy

An air-tight defense will rely entirely on the particular facts around your situation. While you can work with a public defender, chances are high that they will not be able to give you the proper amount of attention to form a strong defense. That is why speaking with a skilled criminal defense attorney who has an excellent track record is paramount.

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We are Here to Help

With years of experience under our belt, our team at Werksman Jackson & Quinn LLP is truly one of the best in the field. We can offer passionate, dedicated, and knowledgeable help that you won’t be able to get anywhere else. Facing a criminal trial can be frightening, but if we take you as a client, you can rest assured that our Los Angeles white collar crime defense attorneys will fight for you and your right to a fair trial. If you or a loved one have been charged with conspiracy, call our firm at (213) 688-0460.

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