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Werksman Jackson & Quinn LLP counts among its partners and associates veteran state court prosecutors. Therefore, there is no one who understands state crimes and how to defend against them better than we do.

We specialize in cases ranging from DUIs to homicide to complex white collar cases.

Some of the cases Werksman Jackson & Quinn LLP has handled with success include:

  • Public officials charged with public corruption offenses
  • Medical professionals accused of fraud, battery and conspiracy
  • Sports stars facing domestic violence charges
  • Police officer facing battery charges
  • Real estate broker charged with fraud, grand theft, identity theft and forgery
  • Hotel owner facing murder charges
  • Prominent photographer arrested after covering Nancy Reagan funeral.
  • Former Los Angeles City Council Aide accused of embezzlement and corruption
  • UCLA football player accused of sexual assault.
  • Registered Nurse charged with battery with serious bodily injury
  • Juvenile client suspected of distribution of child pornography
  • Israeli national facing life in prison for global conspiracy to import drugs
  • Securities trader and hedge fund manager accused of securities fraud
  • Saudi Prince faced felony charges in sexual assault
  • Fashion model accused of domestic violence
  • USC football player charged with carjacking and robberies

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Recent Case Results

  • Complete Dismissal of Molestation Charges
    Attorney Mark Werksman’s 29 year old client was falsely accused of molesting two neighborhood children and was subsequently charged with felony child molestation, with a significant prison sentence hanging over his head should he be convicted. Instead, at the preliminary hearing Werksman was able to convince the court to grant his client a complete dismissal of any charges.
  • Decision Set Aside
    Client, a college student in a faulty Title IX case, was awarded $130,000 in attorney fees.
  • Probation with No Jail Time for Drug Money Laundering Charge
    Wilmington man accused in New York federal court of laundering drug money through the sale of laptop computers. Mark was able to get the case transferred to federal court in Los Angeles, where he convinced the United States Attorney to reduce the charges. His client was sentenced to probation with no jail time on a misdemeanor conviction.
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