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Defending Charges of Negligent Discharge of a Weapon in Los Angeles

Being arrested for negligently firing a weapon in LA is a serious offense that can result in long periods of confinement if you are subsequently convicted. Conviction can hinder your professional goals, leave a stain on your background check that impedes your future, or rob you of time with your friends and family. It can also lead to costly legal fees and fines.

Our Los Angeles negligent discharge of a weapon defense lawyers can help you get released on bail while your case is pending, prove your innocence, negotiate with the state’s representative, or prove there was not probable cause for your arrest in the first place. When our Werksman Jackson & Quinn LLP team represents you, our goal is to use plea bargains to have the charges against you reduced or to have them dropped altogether. Call our firm today at (213) 688-0460.

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California’s Negligent Discharge Laws

Firearms of any kind are dangerous devices, and the state is serious about responsible gun ownership and safety. According to California Penal Code 246.3, you could be found guilty of negligently firing a gun if you intentionally fire a gun in a manner that might cause injuries or fatalities. The statute also covers the negligent use of a BB gun that results in the same potential dangers.

If you are convicted of the offense, you could spend up to a year in jail. If that happens, you are likely to lose your job and damage your career. If you had aspirations for higher education, they would have to be stalled until your sentence is complete, and your opportunity to fund your education with student loans can be limited.

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Possible Legal Defenses

Our weapons defense team is committed to building a credible case for you. There are several defense strategies available to you depending on certain factors of your case. The first thing we do during our initial review of your case is listen to your version of events to understand exactly what happened. From there, we explain the possible defenses, which can include:

  • Acting in self-defense
  • Defending another person
  • Accidentally fired your weapon
  • Did not know the weapon was loaded

In addition to these defenses, we can also help you prove that no one’s life or safety was actually in jeopardy at the time the weapon was discharged. If you maintain your innocence, we also help you compile evidence of your alibi to prove you are being falsely accused of a criminal violation you did not commit.

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Why Our Los Angeles Criminal Lawyers Are Right For Your Defense

At Werksman Jackson & Quinn LLP, we fight hard for your future and to help you avoid the possibility of conviction and everything it entails. When we agree to manage your case and help you fight back against your charges, we can:

  • Build a solid evidence file
  • Conduct discovery sessions
  • Arrange plea deals
  • Interview witnesses
  • Update you on your case

When we defend clients in Los Angeles, our criminal lawyer explores every defense avenue available to you. We question every aspect of your arrest and make sure the state acts within its statute of limitations. We also make sure your rights were not violated and you were not questioned or interviewed without one of our team members by your side.

We also fight hard to avoid felony conviction because the state imposes harsh penalties for multiple convictions. You could be in serious trouble if previous convictions qualify you for significantly longer sentences under California’s Three Strikes Sentencing Law. Accordingly, sentences can be as high as 25 years to life imprisonment for serious offenses which includes negligently firing a gun.

Client Referrals and Recommendations

You are never alone when we handle your case. Our entire team is on our side because we know there is strength in numbers. When clients we defended in the past tell family and friends about us, or leave reviews on our testimonials page, they say:

“Alan Jackson is hands down the best attorney we have worked with. Extremely professional, well liked in the court system and respected amongst all legal professionals. Took our calls at any given time and made himself available all the time.” — S.F.

“Kelly is a brainiac. She's a certified criminal law appellate specialist - a rare achievement and qualification - and she fits into a very unique niche in criminal law…when you hire her you get something that perhaps no other criminal defense lawyer can offer - an expert legal research and writer.” — Joseph W.

“Having Alan Jackson as my lead attorney on 3 separate cases…was the best decision of my life. I was facing 6-8 years in prison, and he was able to have all three charges dismissed. He's got the skills, connections, and the charisma to aid anyone in any situation.” — Anonymous

Building a solid defense for you is our primary goal. We work hard to help you minimize the damage of arrest and conviction so you can get back to your family and career. We also make sure you get the responsive support and encouragement you need.

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Are you fighting weapons charges in Los Angeles County? You do not have to build a defense without legal support. Put our negligent discharge of a weapon defense lawyer to work on your defense. Contact one of our Werksman Jackson & Quinn LLP team members by calling (213) 688-0460 today.

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