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The state of California takes weapons charges seriously and penalizes defendants accordingly. If you or someone you love was accused of illegally carrying a concealed weapon, our Los Angeles concealed carry defense lawyers can help. Preparing an effective criminal defense or negotiating a plea deal can be difficult without legal support. When our team at Werksman Jackson & Quinn LLP represents you, we work with the state on your behalf.

Criminal conviction can jeopardize your freedom if your potential penalties include jail or prison time. It can also cast a pall and a negative light on your personal and professional life. When we handle your defense, our team examines the evidence against you, looks for any flaws in the state’s case, and negotiates lower charges and lighter sentences wherever possible.

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How California Defines a Concealed Weapon

In Los Angeles, you are allowed to carry a registered firearm as long as it is properly holstered and is not concealed in any way. Carrying a weapon that is not readily visible or is intentionally hidden is against the law. According to California Penal Code 25400, you cannot:

  • Conceal a firearm in a car you are driving
  • Conceal a firearm on your person
  • Conceal a firearm in a car where you are a passenger

If you were unaware of the presence of a gun in a car you were driving or riding in, we can help you prove you did not know the gun was present and avoid conviction on these charges. Any type of weapons charge is serious and can derail your life unexpectedly. Our team can help you avoid unfair conviction and fight for your freedom and future.

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Effective Defenses Against Concealed Weapons Charges

If you are licensed to carry a concealed weapon in Los Angeles, according to California Assembly Bill No. 2103 CHAPTER 752, you cannot be charged with a crime. Other circumstances that help us have any concealed weapons charges against you dismissed include:

  • The weapon in question was in a locked container
  • The weapon in question was in the trunk of your car
  • The weapon in question was in your residence
  • You were afraid for your safety at the time

These are not the only defenses you have available, so our team listens to your version of events carefully. We help you choose the most appropriate defense for you and fight hard on your behalf.

If you had a legally valid reason for carrying the firearm in question or it was concealed in your personal belongings without your knowledge, we use that information in your defense.

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Our Defense Lawyers Serving Los Angeles Are On Your Side

The law firm you select to represent you is the first step toward building a credible defense. When you select one of our concealed carry defense attorneys to represent you in criminal court in Los Angeles, you get the backing and support of our entire team. To build your defense strategy and fight hard on your behalf, our team members can:

  • Identify any violations of your rights
  • Explain relevant state and local law
  • Examine the state’s evidence against you
  • Manage all court filings and appearances
  • Locate and interview witnesses
  • Challenge the circumstances of your arrest

Our team at Werksman Jackson & Quinn LLP also fights hard for your release on bail so you can go back to your home and family while we work on defending you. We also look for compelling evidence we can use in your defense. We identify any flaws, errors, or inconsistencies in the state’s case. We fight hard for the best possible outcome for you.

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How We Minimize The Possibility Of Conviction

Plea bargains are an effective resource our criminal defense team uses to limit the damage of conviction. Conviction on a weapons charge could mean a mark on any subsequent background checks, which can hinder many of your personal and professional goals. When we negotiate plea bargains for you, our goals include:

  • Lower charges
  • Lighter sentences
  • Lighter fines
  • Less time in court
  • Reduced bail
  • Faster case resolution

If you are convicted of a felony related to a concealed weapon, your ability to access government funding for your education is at risk. An unfavorable background check could also damage your reputation and limit your opportunities for advancement in your chosen career.

Spotlight Reviews and Testimonials

Every client we serve deserves the best possible defense. Our team works hard to earn the respect of every client we represent. We appreciate the strength of recommendations like these:

  • “Perpetually impressed by the professionalism.” — Dru S.
  • “Alan Jackson is hands down the best attorney.” — S.F.
  • “One of, if not THE best criminal defense firm in Los Angeles.” — Joseph W.

When we handle your Los Angeles County criminal defense case, our entire firm weighs in. We firmly believe there is strength in numbers, and when you hire our firm, you benefit from our entire range of tools and resources.

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If you or someone you love was arrested on a weapons charge in Los Angeles, our concealed carry defense lawyer goes to bat for you. When you complete our online form or contact one of our team members at Werksman Jackson & Quinn LLP by calling (213) 688-0460, we review your case and start building an effective defense for you.

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