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Jacqueline M. Sparagna is a go-getter committed to resolving issues quickly, yet unafraid to litigate when necessary. Jacqueline prioritizes preventing prosecutors from filing charges via immediately exposing the weaknesses of the People’s case by conducting her own investigation at the outset. In the event charges are filed, Jacqueline evaluates all potential options to resolving a case, including but not limited to, arguing for the suppression of evidence necessary to prove a dispositive fact, submitting a mitigation package to the prosecutor to work out a favorable plea deal, and/or setting the case for trial.

Prior to joining Werksman Jackson & Quinn LLP, she practiced civil litigation in Pasadena, California for three years where she defended the City of Los Angeles and achieved the dismissal of several cases in the early stages of litigation.

While obtaining her law degree, Ms. Sparagna clerked in three special units at the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office: Justice System Integrity Division, Crimes Against Peace Officers, and Preliminary Hearings. JSID is a special unit that prosecutes corrupt law enforcement officials while CAPOS prosecutes suspects who target peace officers. Working in these units allowed her to see police officers as both defendants in a criminal case and vulnerable victims of heinous crimes. She also conducted preliminary hearings which now allow her to approach the defense of a case from all perspectives.


University of Southern California Gould School of Law | J.D. – 2016

University of Southern California Marshall School of Business | B.S. - 2012

Bar Admissions
  • State Bar of California – 2017
  • District of Columbia – 2018
  • Central District of California – 2019
Awards &

Honors and Awards

  • Moot Court Intramural Competition, Brief Writer Finalist
  • Southern California Review of Law and Social Justice, Senior Content Editor, 2015-2016

Professional Associations and Memberships

  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • California Attorneys for Criminal Justice
  • Los Angeles County Bar Association
  • Italian American Lawyers Association
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Recent Case Results
  • Mental Health Diversion Granted. Client was involved in a physical altercation on a beach in Malibu, and subsequently charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon which has state prison exposure. Client was surfing in the ocean and asked the complaining witness surfing close by to surf with the break of the waves so as not to crash into other surfers in the water. The complaining witness cursed at client, continued surfing unsafely, and eventually struck client back on shore with his surfboard. Client was defending himself, but was nonetheless accused of using his own surfboard leash as weapon in the dispute. Jacqueline filed a mental health diversion motion which was granted. Client’s felony case will be dismissed after completion of therapy with medication management, and community service.
  • Charges Dismissed. Client was arrested for a 2nd time DUI with a .20 BAC and traffic collision. The DA’s office delayed filing charges several months until after client had moved to Canada. Four years later, client moved back to CA and became aware of the criminal case when he tried to obtain a driver’s license at the DMV. The DA’s office demanded that client serve 30 days in Riverside county jail, 60 days of SRAM, and complete an 18-month alcohol program during a five-year probationary period. Jacqueline filed a Serna motion and argued that client’s speedy trial rights under the Federal and State Constitutions were violated and the case was dismissed.
  • Juvenile Camp Disposition. Mark Werksman and Jacqueline worked together in defending a 17-year-old who was involved in a fatal car accident in West Los Angeles. Despite the public pressure for the District Attorney’s Office to try him as an adult for Gross Vehicular Manslaughter, Mark and Jacqueline were able to keep the matter in juvenile court. The juvenile client admitted the juvenile petition, at which point the parties litigated a hotly contested disposition hearing. The client was sentenced to only 9 months in juvenile camp.
  • Probation Granted. In Orange County, client was a felon charged with possessing a firearm, possession of methamphetamine for the purpose of sale, possession of cocaine for the purpose of sale, and possession of marijuana for the purpose of sale. Client was a recidivist offender with chronic drug problems facing up to seven years in state prison. Client’s probation plea deal allowed her to enroll in the Monitored Outpatient Sobriety Treatment (“MOST”) program for six months in lieu of jail; client was only required to wear an ankle monitor and arm patch to test for drugs and alcohol.
  • Charges Dismissed. Two landlords, a husband-and-wife couple, made multiple false police reports alleging that client threatened to kill them in order to evict him from their property during the COVID moratorium. At the time, client was on probation for battery and had made similar threats in the past; thus, criminal threat charges were filed despite the lack of evidence in this case. The prosecutor threatened to pursue a probation violation which only requires proof by a preponderance of the evidence (and not beyond a reasonable doubt) if client did not plead to a lesser charge of trespassing. Ms. Sparagna refused to take any deal and set the case for trial. The prosecutor dismissed the charges on the first day of trial.
  • Charges dismissed. Client was charged with assaulting police officers following a traffic stop. In fact, the evidence revealed that the client had been subjected to excessive force and repeatedly beaten and choked. Ultimately, the defense investigation revealed that the City Attorney’s office interfered in the discovery process by instructing the police department to withhold exculpatory evidence to protect the city from civil litigation. Once exposed, the district attorney dismissed the felony charges.
  • Charges not filed. Client was arrested on a Thursday for allegedly committing numerous lewd acts on a child ten years prior. While the case was presented by the law enforcement agency to the District Attorney’s office, Jacqueline swiftly conducted her own inquiry into the complaining witness’ history and discovered evidence wherein he claimed to be a habitual pathological liar. Jacqueline worked tirelessly to present prosecutors with her findings. By Monday, prosecutors were persuaded not to file charges, and her client was released from jail without ever having to appear in court.
  • Misdemeanor Earned. Client was charged with felony Grand Theft for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars of jewelry from her celebrity stylist employer while working as a wardrobe assistant. In fact, the client only took four items and had already returned them. Nevertheless, the District Attorney’s office demanded that she plead to a felony and pay back $70,000.00 in restitution for items that she did not take. Jacqueline advised her client to take a polygraph test regarding the unaccounted-for items, and she passed. Jacqueline then dug into the employer’s shady past and found that the company had a long history of “being robbed” of expensive jewelry, filing police reports, submitting a claim to insurance, and ultimately receiving exorbitant amounts of money. After producing this evidence to the district attorney, he agreed to offer the client a misdemeanor.
  • Restraining Order Dismissed. Jacqueline defended Danielle Bregoli, a.k.a. Bhad Bhabie, against a petition for a restraining order filed by Disney star Skai Jackson. Jacqueline fought to seal Ms. Bregoli’s personal information as the filing resulted in numerous death threats at her home. Jacqueline resisted opposing counsel’s insistence on an immediate trial and continued the matter so that Ms. Bregoli could seek treatment. Upon observing Ms. Bregoli’s willingness to work on herself, Ms. Jackson agreed to dismiss the petition.