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Our Team Is Undaunted by Big Criminal Cases

A lawyer’s job is to keep their clients out of jail. That means ensuring they make bail as soon as possible after they’ve been arrested and providing them with the strongest possible legal defense when they’ve been charged with a crime.

When your client is a celebrity, it doesn’t alter your basic duties as a lawyer. You still want to put together the right team to defend your client in court and protect their freedom. But defending a celebrity client will automatically entail several additional issues.

It’s difficult for any client to endure high-profile legal proceedings. And it’s understandable that celebrities would be particularly concerned about how a trial might affect their reputation. After all, their livelihood is largely dependent on public perception.

As Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys, we must never forget that our primary task is to provide our clients with the best possible legal representation. But in cases involving celebrities, a criminal defense attorney must also be sensitive to the unique challenges faced by the defendant and the people around them.

At Werksman Jackson & Quinn LLP, our nationally recognized trial attorneys have successfully defended clients in several high-profile cases. We know how to maintain the highest level of discretion and professionalism while providing you with world-class legal assistance.

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Celebrity Trials Really Are Different

Working on a celebrity case requires a special set of skills beyond the legal expertise that we provide for all our clients. The most obvious difference in a celebrity trial is the heightened press attention it will receive, but here are a number of additional challenges for the client and their legal team, including:

  • Message control. It’s essential to establish a clear and consistent message for your client, their family, and everyone on their public relations team to follow, such as: “My client is innocent of all the charges against him and we are fully confident that he will be exonerated.” You want everyone to remain inside the tent, and it doesn’t help for anyone on your side to make statements that deflect from your client’s basic message.
  • Fast bail. Our firm has relationships with local bail bond agents, and we know how to get clients released from jail quickly and quietly, often before the press has discovered they’ve been arrested.
  • Security. We do everything we can to avoid the circus-like atmosphere that often accompanies a celebrity trial. Whenever possible, our attorneys will appear on your behalf during legal proceedings, and we’ll arrange for the most discreet possible entry and exit to and from the courtroom.
  • Establishing trust between an attorney and their client is essential for providing them with robust and effective representation. We work to eliminate distractions and make sure our attorneys have the time they need to sit down with the client and speak frankly about the best strategies for winning your case.
  • Preventing leaks. In celebrity cases, police officers and people who work for the prosecution are often encouraged to provide illicit and harmful information to the press. We work with judges to prevent leaks and remind everyone who has access to evidence and court documents that there will be legal consequences for releasing confidential information.
  • Remaining calm. The storm of press attention that accompanies a celebrity trial can be overwhelming, even for somebody who’s already famous. We know how to maintain our composure and help reassure the client that things will get better.

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Celebrity Trials Impact Court Proceedings

Most people who are involved in a celebrity trial are influenced by the increased exposure it can bring. Some people may use a celebrity case as a springboard for establishing their own media career.

Judges have been known to relish their time in the spotlight to the point where it impacts their courtroom behavior. And prosecutors may be more zealous than usual in their efforts to convict a celebrity client because they don’t want to appear to be granting special treatment to anyone.

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We’ve Been Here Before

At Werksman Jackson & Quinn LLP, this isn’t our first rodeo. Our Los Angeles trial attorneys have prevailed in court against the most distinguished prosecutors in the country. We conduct ourselves in a solemn and professional manner for every client we represent.

If you’re facing criminal charges in Los Angeles, give us a call at (213) 688-0460 to schedule a consultation. We never stop fighting for our clients.

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