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Charged with Misappropriation of Public Funds in Los Angeles?

Misappropriation of public funds is a white collar crime that is taken very seriously and carries some very severe penalties in a conviction. Given the nature of these crimes, which involve the use of public funds for personal expenses, the penalties can be extreme.

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What Does this Crime Entail?

When a public officer or another individual who was trusted with public funds is accused of the misuse of public funds, the consequences can be severe. This offense could be committed in a number of ways, including:

  • You used public funds for yourself or someone else
  • You used public funds for an unauthorized purpose
  • You intentionally made a false account or erased an account
  • You falsified, concealed, destroyed, or altered a public funds account

A public officer is any type of employee or an official of a local or state government agency, such as an accountant, an appointed or elected official, a lawyer, or any individual who has been entrusted with public money.

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What is the Motive Behind Misappropriation of Public Funds Crimes?

If you had control over public funds and facing accusations that any of the funds were used for personal living expenses or other unauthorized purchases, you are likely to be charged with the misappropriation of public funds. There are several elements to this offense, which include:

  • You were an officer of a state or local government entity or responsible for the safekeeping, receipt, or transfer of public funds
  • You used public funds for your own benefit or the benefit of another person, without authority
  • You were aware that the law did not allow the appropriation of public funds, or you were criminally negligent in how the funds were used

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What Are the Penalties if Convicted?

The misappropriation of public funds is a crime that comes with harsh penalties if convicted. In felony cases, the penalties imposed could include up to 4 years in state prison fines up to $10,000. Moreover, as a result of your conviction, you will forever be restricted from holding public office in California –destroying your reputation and career.

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Defenses for Misappropriation of Public Funds

One of the most effective legal defenses against crimes involving the misappropriation of public funds is to argue that you did not know your actions were criminally negligent. As part of your legal defense, we could argue that it was an honest mistake rather than deliberate. If the amount involved was relatively minimal, it may even be argued that the amount was not enough to justify filing criminal charges.

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If you were charged with a crime involving the misappropriation of public funds, a conviction is a very serious, and life-altering situation. You will face fines, imprisonment, and other serious consequences. It is imperative that you consult with an experienced Los Angeles misappropriation of public funds lawyer as soon as you become aware that you are under investigation, or charges have been filed against you.

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