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If you’ve been charged with procurement fraud, the full force of the federal government will come crashing down on you. There are several federal agencies that investigate and prosecute procurement fraud, and they pursue these cases with self-righteous zeal.

Individuals, small business owners, and large companies can all get caught up in wide-ranging procurement fraud investigations. Prosecutors assume they will always have the upper hand due to their expertise and immense resources. That’s why they think they can badger you into accepting a guilty plea under any circumstances.

Charges of procurement fraud are often erroneous, based on false charges from competitors and others who stand to gain financially from your prosecution. But you can’t allow these people to destroy your business just so they can get ahead.

In you’re facing charges of procurement fraud, contact the experienced Los Angeles white collar crime lawyers at Werksman Jackson & Quinn LLP. We understand the complexities of the law, and we’ll never be intimidated by federal prosecutors.

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Start Defending Yourself Right Away

Procurement fraud is a broad term used to describe any dishonest scheme to defraud the government and get them to pay an invoice, award a contract, or provide some other benefit to someone who isn’t entitled to it.

Several agencies of the federal government investigate procurement fraud, including the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), the Small Business Administration (SBA), The Department of Justice (DOJ), the Department of Labor (DOL), and the Veteran’s Administration (VA).

Federal authorities may have been investigating you for years before you find out that you’re under suspicion of procurement fraud. That’s why it’s crucial to start planning your defense immediately.

Your attorneys will begin collecting information to use in your defense right away. They may also be able to meet with federal prosecutors and convince them that the case against you doesn’t have any merit. This could deter the other side from moving forward with an illegitimate case.

You may become aware that you are being investigated in one the following ways:

  • Federal agents contact you for questioning.
  • News of the investigation is leaked to the press.
  • You receive a summons to appear before a grand jury.
  • You are subpoenaed by federal prosecutors.
  • You receive a grand jury indictment.
  • You receive a target letter stating there is evidence that links you to a crime.

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Types of Procurement Fraud

There is a wide range of offenses that falls under the heading of procurement fraud. And whistleblower Qui Tam laws provide financial incentives for people who may wish to accuse you of a crime.

To level the playing field, you will want to secure a legal team with specialized knowledge in the following areas:

  • Procurement fraud
  • Bribery of public officials
  • Fraudulent invoices
  • Self-dealing
  • Bid-rigging
  • Double-billing
  • SBA HUBZone Program compliance
  • SBA 8(a) Business Development Program violations
  • Infractions covered by the False Claims Act
  • Selling defective parts to the government
  • Buy American Act compliance
  • SBA subcontracting rules
  • Making false statements in a government contract
  • SBIRS embezzlement charges
  • Conspiracy to defraud a government agency
  • Quality assurance testing standards
  • SDVOSB Disabled Veteran and Veteran Owned Business Program compliance

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Legal Penalties for Procurement Fraud

Federal prosecutors have a number of tools at their disposal when it comes to prosecuting procurement fraud. Many cases are brought under the False Claims Act, which was first passed in 1863 and later expanded by congress in 1986. But you could also be facing various types of federal charges, including conspiracy, wire fraud, and violation of the Truth in Negotiations Act (TINA).

Legal penalties and other consequences for conviction of procurement fraud include:

  • Massive fines and penalties
  • Up to 20 years in prison
  • Damge to your immigration status
  • Loss of a professional license
  • Loss of voting rights
  • Debarment from future government contracts
  • Severe harm to your personal and professional reputation

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Legal Defenses Against Procurement Fraud in Los Angeles

The incredible complexity of federal statutes and regulations make it extremely difficult to determine exactly when someone is in complete compliance with procurement laws. Government prosecutors generally assume that your attorneys won’t understand the law clearly enough to provide you with an adequate defense.

Our team at Werksman Jackson & Quinn LLP is well-versed in the law and we know how to stand up to federal prosecutors. We will determine the best strategy to defend you. Effective legal defenses in procurement cases include:

  • The government’s evidence does not prove their case.
  • Government witnesses are not reliable.
  • You simply made a mistake.
  • There was no requisite intent to commit fraud.
  • Investigators violated your rights.
  • An illegal search and seizure was conducted.

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Our Los Angeles Criminal Attorneys Won’t Back Down from Anybody

Werksman Jackson & Quinn LLP has earned a national reputation for vigorously defending our clients. Our firm has been featured on CNN, Fox News, CBS News, CNBC, and the BBC.

We’ll apply our legal expertise to protect your freedom and do everything possible to get the charges against you dismissed. Call a Los Angeles procurement fraud defense attorney at (213) 688-0460 to learn more today.

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