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Any criminal charge can have a devastating impact on your life, and loan fraud is no different. Being labeled as a ‘fraud’ can make people view you as mistrustful. That may end up hurting not just your reputation, but also your relationships, your ability to purchase future property, and your ability to seek future employment.

Thankfully, the attorneys at Werksman Jackson & Quinn LLP understand this struggle, and how best to combat loan fraud charges. If you or a love one have been accused of loan fraud, then you will need the best possible legal team to help you and your case. Contact us now at (213) 688-0460 and find out why we are considered some of the best criminal defense attorneys in California.

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What Are Different Types of Loan Fraud?

Loan fraud covers a wide variety of crimes that deal with real estate such as misrepresentation, misstatement, and omission to the lender or underwriter. These acts are often done in order to get a better loan (or even a loan that you could never afford). Ultimately, there are many ways to commit loan and mortgage fraud. Some of the most common ways include:

  • Lying on a mortgage application, as a way to get a better mortgage. Many people falsify documents that say that they make more money than they do. They may also find a way to falsify their credit report so that they can get a lower interest rate.
  • People can also falsify information for a co-signer for their mortgage loan. They may steal information or even forge signatures, in order to get a loan that they wouldn't be able to get without help.
  • People who flip homes can also be accused of loan fraud. They may buy a piece of property that has a lot of problems. Instead of fixing the problems and charging more, they may lie about all of the improvements and fixes that they have made.
  • Real estate professionals can also be involved in loan fraud. They may pay part of a down payment in order for their clients to get the loan. They may also coach their clients in order to help them get a loan.
  • Other professionals can claim to help homeowners but don't. Instead, they may just take their money and run. They often prey on those who are close to losing their homes.

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What Are the Penalties of Loan Fraud?

Because the government closely watches mortgages and loans, you may be looking at a state or federal offense if you are convicted of loan fraud. There are many ways of being convicted of loan fraud, which means that you could be looking at different penalties. Most crimes involve fines and potential jail time.

  • If you are caught submitting false statements, you could be facing fines and eight years in prison.
  • If you are falsifying information on your loan or credit application, you could be facing up to one million dollars in fines and up to thirty years in prison.

No matter what type of loan fraud you are accused of, you are looking at large fines and multiple years behind bars. However, that isn't all you are looking at. Your entire life could change if you don't fight it.

  • You may be facing probation for many years, which can really affect your ability to move around and travel.
  • You are going to have a criminal record that is going to follow you for the rest of your life.
  • You are going to have to let any potential employers know that you are a convicted felon.
  • You may struggle to find a place to rent or buy. You are going to have a hard time getting a mortgage with a record following you around.
  • Your friends and family may look at you differently. Some might stick around during this time, while others may not.

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How Can We Help at Werksman Jackson & Quinn LLP?

The attorneys at Werksman Jackson & Quinn LLP know just how much a negative impact criminal charges can have on your life. Your reputation and close relationships are likely in shambles. You may not know what to do next, or who to turn to for help. Thankfully, we have years of experience as criminal defense attorneys, and we know how to guide you through the trial process. Call us today at (213) 688-0460 so that we can sit down and discuss how we can help you.

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