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Obstruction of justice charges may be filed against anyone whose behavior is alleged to obstruct a criminal investigation or prosecution. Because this offense is defined in such a vague manner, police will often use obstruction of justice charges to arrest someone who is simply questioning their actions.

State and federal obstruction of justice charges carry strong penalties that include significant jail time. And you can be convicted of obstruction of justice even if your actions have no impact. The intent to disrupt the legal process is all they have to prove.

Obstruction of justice charges can have a chilling effect on citizens who are carrying out their constitutional right to protest police and government actions.

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Charged with Obstructing a Police Officer in Los Angeles

The California penal code makes it a crime to “willfully resist, delay, or obstruct the official performance of duties of a police officer.” And federal courts have held that interfering with a police officer violates federal obstruction of justice statutes.

Police officers will often act as though civilians are legally required to answer all their questions and comply with every request they make. But this simply isn’t the case. You have the right to remain silent when you are being investigated.

Many actions that may annoy a police officer such as filming them or asking if there are any charges against you are perfectly legal. If you are arrested on charges of obstructing justice for interfering with a police officer, it doesn’t mean you are guilty.

Actions that may cause a defendant to be charged with obstruction of justice include:

  • Lying to police during investigation
  • Resisting arrest
  • Providing misleading information to police
  • Preventing an arrest
  • Hiding evidence
  • Attempting to bar free passage of a police officer
  • Removing an officer’s weapon
  • Slashing a police vehicle’s tires
  • Distracting an officer who is guarding a suspect
  • Taunting police who are attempting to pacify protesters
  • Disrupt a public safety radio frequency

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Obstructing a Prosecution and Federal Proceedings

State and federal statutes prohibit specific actions that interfere with law enforcement officials or the justice system. Federal law makes it a crime to intentionally obstruct elements of justice and criminal investigations or prosecution. This includes acts committed in regard to federal investigations, federal court proceedings, and proceedings before federal department agencies and committees of the federal government.

Actions that may be prosecuted as obstruction of justice include:

  • Tampering with evidence
  • Destroying or concealing material evidence
  • Tampering with or intimidating witnesses, victims, or government informants
  • Paying witnesses to prevent them from testifying
  • Paying witnesses to commit perjury
  • Threatening court officials
  • Orchestrating unnecessary court delays
  • Lying under oath (perjury)
  • Falsifying or destroying documents
  • Abuse of power to obstruct justice
  • Bribing or threatening a judge, lawyer, juror, or witness
  • Providing false evidence
  • Offering to prepare false evidence
  • Dissuading, preventing, or delaying a witness from testifying
  • Withholding records, objects, documents, or testimony from official proceedings

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Were You Charged with Obstruction of Justice in Los Angeles?

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