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Healthcare fraud can come in different forms, but any accusation can have long-term consequences. Anyone who is involved in the healthcare industry can be charged with fraud, including providers, suppliers, insurance brokers, and patients. Defending yourself against this offense is virtually impossible without an experienced Los Angeles defense attorney to fight for your rights within the legal system.

If you suspect you might be facing a charge soon, you need a knowledgeable Los Angeles federal crime attorney. Police officers, insurance companies, and hospitals are all looking out for their own interests rather than yours, which is why your own legal team is so important. Call Werksman Jackson & Quinn LLP at (213) 688-0460 to talk about your situation in a free consultation.

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Who Can Be Charged with Healthcare Fraud?

Just about anyone who is involved in the healthcare industry at some level can be charged with fraud. Some examples include:

  • Medical providers: A medical provider can be charged with submitting bills for services that were not actually performed. Similarly, a provider can be accused of providing a service that was not necessary and billing for it. Providers can also be charged with healthcare fraud for claiming a more expensive service than was actually performed.
  • Healthcare suppliers: A healthcare supplier can be charged with fraud for billing for more expensive equipment than was actually provided. If a patient returns equipment, but the supplier still bills an insurer or Medicare for it, that can also be grounds for a fraud charge.
  • Insurance brokers: If an insurance broker enrolls a person in a plan, including Medicare, without that person’s consent, that can be grounds for a fraud charge. There are also clear rules in California that must be followed for offering Medicare and drug plans; violating those rules can be grounds for a healthcare fraud charge.
  • Pharmacists: A pharmacist who dispenses expired drugs and charges an insurance company or Medicare can be charged with fraud. Similarly, a fraud charge can be brought against a pharmacist who is accused of billing for more pills than were actually distributed to a patient.
  • Patients: Patients can be charged with healthcare fraud for letting someone else use their insurance or Medicare card for a procedure or medical supplies. If a patient sells his or her health insurance or Medicare information to someone else, or provides the information to another person in exchange for gifts, this can also be charged as healthcare fraud.

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Whistleblowers Need Protection, Too

If you work in the healthcare industry and you believe the business you work for is engaged in or encouraging healthcare fraud, you have a legal responsibility to report it to the proper authorities. Doing so, however, can open you up to retaliation by your employer, and others within the company might frame you for fraud that occurred. It is vital that you protect yourself before making any such report to law enforcement. Whistleblowers are often intimidated and retaliated against, and a lawyer can help you get through the process and protect your rights. In some cases, you may be able to file a civil lawsuit against the company that has committed fraud.

If you have been charged with healthcare fraud in Los Angeles, you need immediate protection from the legal system. Call Werksman Jackson & Quinn LLP at (213) 688-0460 to discuss your situation.

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