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In 2022, rape crimes statewide totaled 14,346, as reported by the California Department of Justice (CA DOJ). That figure is composed of 13,704 actual rapes and 642 attempts to commit rape. In Los Angeles alone, 2,274 rapes were reported in a single recent year by the FBI. In addition to rape, a number of other crimes qualify as sex offenses in California. Sex offenders with multiple felony convictions are deemed a threat to the public.

If you are classified as a habitual sex offender, you could face a prison term of 25 years to life. That’s why you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer at your side—contact Werksman Jackson & Quinn LLP. Criminal defense is our specialty. We understand your future is on the line and act fast to achieve the best possible results in your case. Rated AV by Martindale-Hubbell and recognized by Super Lawyers, our Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys have been serving clients since 1994.

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What Is the California Law on Habitual Sex Offenders?

The law regarding habitual sex offenders can be found in the California Penal Code at Section 667.71. The statute states:

“(a) For the purpose of this section, a habitual sexual offender is a person who has been previously convicted of one or more of the offenses specified in subdivision (c) and who is convicted in the present proceeding of one of those offenses.

(b) A habitual sexual offender shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for 25 years to life.”

The statute goes on to list the qualifying sex offenses. They include rape, lewd or lascivious acts, sodomy, sexual penetration with a foreign object, aggravated sexual assault of a child, continuous sexual abuse of a child, oral copulation with a minor, and kidnapping to commit a sex crime. This means if you have been previously convicted of a sex crime specified in this statute and are convicted again of the same or another specified sex crime, you will be deemed a habitual sex offender and penalized accordingly.

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Consequences of a Habitual Sex Offender Conviction

Conviction of a sex crime as a habitual sex offender carries harsh penalties. The statutory prison term is 25 years to life. Generally, there is no possibility of probation. Once a convicted felon is released from prison, they will be required to register as a sex offender for life. Conviction as a habitual sex offender is not eligible for expungement under California law.

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Legal Defenses Against Habitual Sex Offender Charges

It is important to fight a conviction as a habitual sex offender with the best possible legal defense. If you have a previous sex offense conviction on your record, the only way to avoid this designation is to not be convicted again. Our Los Angeles sex crime defense lawyers can raise every legal defense that applies to your case. Possible defenses include:

  • Constitutional violations: If police misconduct, such as a coerced confession or an illegal search, occurred, your charges could be dismissed.
  • Lack of physical evidence: We can carefully examine the prosecution’s case against you and challenge every flaw. This includes a lack of physical evidence connecting you to the crime.
  • False allegations: This involves attacking the credibility of your accuser and asserting that the allegations are false.

It is the responsibility of the prosecution to prove a crime beyond a reasonable doubt, and we ensure our clients are justly represented.

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Your Journey to Justice Begins Here

At Werksman Jackson & Quinn LLP, we believe everyone deserves to be treated fairly under the law, including those accused of sex offenses.

Our Los Angeles firm has achieved notable victories in sex crime cases. Our attorneys are efficient, effective, and ready to fight for positive results.

If you are facing habitual sex offender charges in Los Angeles, contact us today at (213) 688-0460.

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