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How Drug Quantities Affect Your Charges

By Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney on May 30, 2023

If you are arrested for possession of a controlled substance, the quantity of the drug can affect the potential penalties you face in a conviction. While possessing a small amount of certain substances may be a misdemeanor offense, having a larger quantity in your possession can elevate the charge to a felony. After any drug arrest, it is in your best interests to consult with an experienced Los Angeles drug crime defense attorney.

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Can Felonies Be Expunged?

By Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney on May 15, 2023

The law on expungement was designed to help people who deserve it to get a fresh start. Expungement is a legal procedure that takes a criminal conviction off the record. It removes the guilty plea or verdict and changes the disposition of the case from conviction to dismissal.

A felony on your record can have a significant impact on your future prospects. Speak with an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney about the possibility of expungement. It could help you clear your name and move forward with your life.

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How California Penal Code § 135 PC Works

By Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney on April 20, 2023

  • 135. A person who, knowing that any book, paper, record, instrument in writing, digital image, video recording owned by another, or matter or thing, is about to be produced in evidence upon a trial, inquiry, or investigation, authorized by law, willfully destroys, erases, or conceals the same, with the intent to prevent it or its content from being produced is guilty of a misdemeanor.

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DUIs with Kids in the Car

By Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney on March 20, 2023

California has strict penalties for driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. And there are several factors that may result in increased penalties, including the number of previous DUI offenses, unsafe driving, accidents, and if anyone was harmed or killed in a collision.

The age of your passengers is a major factor that impacts the penalties you may be facing. If you are arrested for DUI and any of your passengers are below 18 years old, you could be facing real jail time.

Judges and prosecutors take a harsh view of defendants who put children at risk. And prosecutors are very aggressive about seeking the maximum penalty in these cases.

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Common Defenses for Tampering or Intimidating Witnesses

By Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney on March 10, 2023

Witness tampering is a serious crime that’s frequently prosecuted as a felony in California. But police and prosecutors will often get upset and file witness tampering charges when they don’t have enough evidence to convict somebody or when their case is falling apart.

Witnesses and victims commonly misinterpret something somebody says and blow it out of proportion. And police and prosecutors are very aggressive when they think somebody might be interfering with an investigation.

There are several legal defenses that can be used to get witness tampering charges thrown out of court. An experienced defense attorney has effective strategies to protect your freedom.

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Is California a “Stand Your Ground” State?

By Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney on February 20, 2023

In the 1980s, a group of states including Georgia, Florida, Kansas, and Idaho passed laws that were commonly referred to as “make my day” laws. Named after a line from the Dirty Harry movies, these laws explicitly state that a person who is not engaging in unlawful activity has the right to “stand your ground” and defend themselves by using deadly force against a violent attacker.

On the other hand, states such as Hawaii, Maryland, Iowa, and Massachusetts have “duty to retreat” laws that require an individual to attempt to escape from imminent danger if possible before resorting to physical force to defend yourself.

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What Constitutes “False Evidence”?

By Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney on February 10, 2023

Knowingly preparing false evidence or offering false evidence in a legal proceeding or investigation is a serious legal offense in California. In fact, it’s a felony that carries a maximum penalty of three years in prison.

The courts have a keen interest in protecting the integrity of the judicial process. That’s why judges and prosecutors aggressively pursue defendants when they suspect that evidence has been tampered with.

Defendants who are accused of submitting false evidence will want to find an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect your freedom.

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How Money Is Laundered

By Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney on January 20, 2023

When people earn money through illegal activities, they need to find ways to make it appear as though this money came from a legitimate source to avoid legal penalties. This process is known as money laundering.

California has strict legal penalties against money laundering, and this offense is vigorously prosecuted by the federal government, particularly in cases involving drug trafficking, organized crime, income tax evasion, and international terrorism.

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Were You Charged with DUI on St Patrick’s Day in SoCal?

By Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney on January 10, 2023

You don’t have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. In fact, it’s become one of the biggest drinking days of the year for a lot of adults who like to get out and socialize. There are several opportunities to tie one on, including parades, pub crawls, and block parties.

But there can be a downside to all that partying. During the St. Patrick’s Day period, the nation averages about 72 deaths caused by drunk driving crashes, according to the National Highways Traffic Safety Administration.

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What Is a Fraudulent Insurance Claim?

By Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney on December 20, 2022

Fraud allegations against you or your business can seriously harm your reputation. In addition to civil penalties, insurance fraud can also result in criminal prosecution. There are several types of activities that fall under the heading of insurance fraud. These offenses are vigorously investigated and prosecuted in California. If convicted, you face stiff fines and serious jail time.

State and federal prosecutors advance their careers by getting high conviction rates. They hate to lose, and they’ll come after you with everything they’ve got to win a case.

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