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Is Crime in the Air?

By Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney on March 2, 2020

Recent scientific research from three different universities in the US has provided startling conclusions: both weather and pollution may have a significant impact on crime rates. While the data isn’t conclusive and there are no direct cause-effect relationships, the correlations of heat and pollution to aggression and crime are such that they shouldn’t be ignored.

The Relationship Between Heat and Crime

In an article from Science Daily, researchers from Drexel University found that crime rates were highest in the warmest months of the year, and highest on the hottest days. Specifically, when the heat index (a measurement that combines temperature and humidity to give an accurate measure of human comfort) was 98 degrees, violent crime rates were 9% higher than days where the heat index was 57 degrees. In the winter, the differences were even more startling – warm winter days (70 degrees) saw a 16% increase in violent crimes compared to the average winter temperature (43 degrees).

Whether you subscribe to the theories of climate change or not, Los Angeles has very hot weather, which according this study, may result in higher crime rates. This research provides a better idea of how to distribute police resources most effectively.

Pollution vs. Crime

Another article from Science Daily, from researchers at Colorado State University, found a direct correlation to the amount of pollution in the air to the number of violent crimes – with almost a 1% increase in violent crime when smoke or other pollution drifted into an area. Could the constant smog layer have an impact on the fact that Los Angeles and Downtown LA are some of the most violent areas in the US?

The report found that a 10% reduction in daily pollution could save $1.1 million annually, showing a previously overlooked cost of pollution in our country. For Angelinos, it means that more attention to environmental and green initiatives could provide us with a safer and happier city.

What happens after someone has been arrested?

When you’re arrested in California, you will first be brought to the local police station to be booked and detained. Shortly afterward, you will likely receive an initial hearing with a judge to set bail, at which point you can either post bail yourself or contact a bail bond agency. If you aren’t out on bail within the first 24 to 48 hours, you will be transferred to a more secure facility where you will be held pending trial. If your arrest was based only on probable cause and insufficient evidence exists to file charges, you will likely be released.

When should you call a criminal defense lawyer?

One of your first phone calls after being arrested should be to an experienced criminal defense attorney. Anything you say or do once you’ve been arrested can be used against you and having legal counsel by your side to advise you is, without question, your best shot at getting out of jail and staying out. We will work with you to create an effective defense strategy and seek a positive outcome, whether reduced charges or an acquittal. We offer a free consultation, and we will take your case as far as it needs to go to defend your rights. Call us today at (213) 688-0460.

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