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Defending Out-of-State Drivers Against DUI Charges in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles area is a popular destination for travelers for a variety of reasons. Most visitors need a car to get around in L.A., whether they drive here from out of state or fly and rent a car upon arrival. Out-of-state drivers have the same risk of getting a DUI as resident drivers. If you are arrested for DUI with an out-of-state driver's license, speak with an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

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What Are the Complications of DUI for Out-of-State Drivers?

Out-of-state DUI charges can have consequences both in California and in the driver's home state. When an out-of-state driver is arrested for DUI, that driver's California driving privileges will be suspended within 30 days of the arrest. To challenge the suspension, the driver must request a DMV hearing within ten days of arrest. Suspension means you cannot legally operate a vehicle on California roads.

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Where Is a DUI Handled for an Out-of-State Driver?

Drivers arrested for DUI are subject to the laws and jurisdiction of the state where the offense occurred. When law enforcement files DUI charges, it triggers criminal proceedings in California, which cannot be ignored. An out-of-state driver facing DUI charges in California who must return to his or her home state may waive personal court appearances and have an attorney appear in court on his or her behalf in most cases. For felony DUI charges, defendants are generally required to appear in court personally.

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What Are the Legal Consequences for an Out-of-State Driver With DUI in California?

Drivers from other states are subject to the same criminal and administrative penalties for DUI as those who reside in California. These penalties may include jail time, fines, license suspension, and a mandatory alcohol education program. In addition to penalties in California, an out-of-state driver may suffer consequences, such as license suspension or revocation, in his or her home state. Participating states share information about traffic offenses, including DUI.

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What Are the Variations in DUI Laws in Different States?

Driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal in all U.S. states, as reported by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA). Every state except Utah has defined driving with blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at or above .08% as a crime – in Utah, it is .05%. Beyond these similarities, specific DUI laws and penalties can vary substantially from state to state.

For example, California, Alabama, Arizona, and other states have increased penalties for a BAC of .15% or higher, whereas Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, and other states do not. The length of administrative license suspension for the first DUI offense can vary widely from one state to another. It is important to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights and fight for the best possible outcome in your case.

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What Are the Legal Defenses Against Out-of-State DUI Charges?

Our Los Angeles DUI attorneys can raise every legal defense against the charges that apply under the circumstances. Common DUI defenses include:

  • Challenging the legality of the traffic stop that led to your arrest
  • Questioning the accuracy of BAC testing
  • Challenging law enforcement's compliance with testing procedures
  • Questioning the credibility of the arresting officer

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How Can You Navigate Legal Proceedings as an Out-of-State Driver Facing DUI Charges?

It is important to obtain legal representation familiar with DUI laws and procedures of both California and your home state. Timely appearances in court, compliance with hearings or deadlines, and understanding of court procedures are essential.

Our Los Angeles out-of-state DUI lawyers at Werksman Jackson & Quinn LLP can guide you through the process, represent your best interests, negotiate a plea agreement, and mount a strong defense. Contact us at (213) 688-0460.

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