Providing A Skilled Defense To Title IX Allegations

Title IX of the Education Amendment Act of 1972 is a federal law prohibiting gender discrimination against students and employees of educational institutions. Specifically, Title IX provides that “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.” Werksman Jackson Hathaway & Quinn can provide you with a skilled Title IX attorney.

Under this law, colleges, universities and high schools may be sued for sex discrimination, commonly for failure to provide equal treatment of men’s and women’s sports teams. The law also allows a victim of sexual harassment or assault—allegedly perpetrated by a fellow student, professor or university staff member—to sue the school for failure to adequately address issues of safety or investigate a claim. Werksman Jackson Hathaway & Quinn can be your Title IX attorney.

In recent years, however, Title IX cases have been shrouded in controversy due to the injustices endured by those accused of sexual assault on college campuses. Oftentimes, the educational institution will conduct an internal Title IX investigation and disciplinary hearing, routinely finding the accused student responsible for committing sexual misconduct without providing that accused student a fair hearing in accordance with the law.

Werksman Jackson Hathaway & Quinn LLP frequently represents students who have been accused by their educational institution of engaging in misconduct. Our attorneys have significant knowledge of disciplinary procedures and the rights to which students are entitled. We have guided accused students through all phases of disciplinary proceedings, commencing from the school’s investigation all the way through proceedings before the superior court.