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At the Los Angeles criminal defense firmof Werksman Jackson Hathaway & Quinn LLP, our sex crime attorneys remind our clients that not every personal tragedy involving sex results from criminal intent. Sometimes accidents happen as a result of passion or misunderstanding. Sometimes accusations are falsely made, with different underlying motivations. An experienced sex crime defense lawyer can often bring to light those facts necessary to clear the record of the accused.

Everyone accused of a crime-even the guilty-deserves an effective defense. It is the responsibility of the government to prove charges beyond a reasonable doubt because our justice system is based on checks and balances. Unchecked government power is a danger to every citizen. It is the job of a criminal defense lawyer to be the check on the actions of powerful, well-financed government prosecutors by forcing them to prove their cases.

Those who have been charged with sex crimes including rape, molestation, or any type of sexual abuse, as well as sex-trafficking, escort services, illicit massage parlors or those who have been apprehended via online forum sting operations are encouraged to Contact the firm Werksman Jackson Hathaway & Quinn LLP to schedule an appointment with one of our compassionate, experienced attorneys.

From the time of the first consultation, our defense lawyers treat people accused of rape, criminal sexual assault, molestation, or any other type of criminal sexual conduct with discretion and sensitivity. Together, we will explore possible explanations for the charges, such as mistaken identity, revenge, misunderstanding, or hysterical responses born of stress. We will work with you to determine what evidence the prosecution has and to develop an effective defense.

As in the case of many other serious crimes including drug charges, DUI drunk driving, and white-collar crime, sex offense charges are not discriminators of social class. Doctors, entertainment professionals, psychologists, and grocery store clerks are all potential sex crime defendants. We are well prepared to counsel and represent every client with dignity and respect for their constitutional rights.