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Contrary to popular belief, (and a very common misconception), California DUI cases are rarely hopeless and the attorneys at Werksman Jackson Hathaway & Quinn can help you with all of your DUI case needs.

It is not unheard of for police officers to make mistakes with roadside investigations. Courts have shown time and again that breathalyzers and blood tests have been prone to be less than perfect. Medical issues have been shown to render false/high BAC readings. What an experienced DUI attorney does is use these inconsistencies to obtain favorable results.

Most people arrested for a California DUI charge assume the evidence against them is insurmountable and they should probably just plead guilty.

Very often they would be wrong.

As an example, were you aware that blood testing is certainly prone to error? When re-tested at an independent laboratory we have often gotten different (better) results. And, we have also found that the original sample may have been contaminated.
There are literally dozens (if not more) substances, medical conditions and equipment problems that may interfere with the officer’s DUI breathalyzers, generating false/high readings.
Police officers are supposed to follow a standardized set of procedures in DUI roadside investigations. Yet, we have found that very few actually follow precise protocol.
We handle cases ranging from simple misdemeanor drunk driving to DUI Causing Injury, Felony DUI, vehicular manslaughter and gross vehicular manslaughter. The attorneys at Werksman Jackson Hathaway & Quinn LLP can help you with any of your DUI cases.